Nigeria Police Spokesman, Adejobi Defends Officer Who Killed Lagos-based Pregnant Lawyer


The Nigeria Police Force has publicly defended Mr Drambi Vandi, a cop under investigation for killing a pregnant Lagos-based lawyer, Bolanle Raheem, claiming that Mr Vandi might have acted under a spiritual spell.

The Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, speaking on Radio Program in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, in a recent interview, described Mr Vandi as a “very nice man” and likely a victim of diabolical manipulation. 

He said, “One thing people should understand, we are in Yoruba land here now. I’m sure many elders will know what they called ‘efun, edi, arosin, asasi’, ebilu… (some magical spells cast on people to make them misbehave).

“Whatever that happens in the physical realm is controlled by the spiritual realm. The man was never drunk. In fact, I was told he is a very nice man. I know him… The guy has been a very good man. Forget the story that he was this or that while in Niger. He was never in Niger state command” said the police spokesman in defence of the cop

“He is a very nice man. I think he is from Plateau state. So, what could have warranted him to cork a rifle and shoot directly at the woman? As a man, when you wake up in the morning, pray yourself out of temptation.

“If something wants to happen, we won’t know the person they have sworn (sic) for. Maybe it’s the woman or the husband or the police (Vandi). Something is wrong somewhere because it’s not common for ASP to fire. It has always been the rank, Inspector, Sergeant, Corporal, they are the ones you will always see.

“The first case, before this one, was an inspector. The ASP in many cases won’t come down. You will see that they always sit in the car, you will go and meet them and say ‘oga, them don do this, he will be the one they even settle,’ Mr Adejobi added

“In a very long time, in history and I have spent two decades on this job, it is very rare to see an ASP who has put in 33 years to be the one to pull the trigger. However, he is going to carry his cross.”

Mr Vandi was arrested for shooting and killing Mrs Raheem on Christmas Day. 

The 41-year-old woman was rushed to a hospital, where she was confirmed dead.

Vandi, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate Court, Yaba, on one count of murder and remanded at the Ikoyi Prisons pending legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

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