Military Refutes Killing Innocent Nigerians


The Nigerian Military has officially refuted allegations that its operations against insurgency have resulted in the death of innocent civilians.

Director of Defense Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, clarified the Military’s stance on its operations conducted in various theatres of conflict.

General Buba emphasized that the insurgents have resorted to propaganda tactics aimed at discrediting the military’s efforts by disseminating false claims about civilian casualties. He firmly denied these accusations, assuring that the military’s actions were conducted with the utmost precision and care to avoid non-combatant casualties.

The Director Defence Media Operations also issued a stern warning to ethnic agitators, urging them to cease any actions that could be perceived as attempts to destabilize or overthrow state governments. He reiterated the military’s resolve to respond decisively to any such threats to national security.

Despite the successes achieved in the ongoing security operations, General Buba acknowledged the challenges that persist and highlighted the critical role of civilian cooperation in combating terrorism.

He called for unity and collaboration among all Nigerians, stating that these are vital components in the collective effort to maintain national security and stability. The military remains committed to protecting the nation while ensuring the safety and rights of its citizens are preserved.

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